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War correspondents’ awards adds online journalism prize

The 18th Bayeux-Calvados Awards for War Correspondents are now open for entries, with the addition of a new category for online journalism.

A release from the award organisers said: “With the rise of digital technology, technological developments and changes in the way in which news is broadcast, new forms of narration have been created.

“There has been a vast increase in the number of multimedia projects in recent years, with the introduction of web documentaries, short multimedia works, video-graphics, etc. These new formats provide opportunities for finding out about international news in other ways (new information methods, new audiences).”

There are seven other prizes given out as part of the awards, for: written press; television; radio; photography; grand format television; and a young reporter prize.

Journalists have until 10 June to submit work photo, radio, television and written press reports on a conflict or news event relating to the fight for freedom and democracy. Submissions must have been made between the 1 June, 2010 and the 3 May, 2011.

There is a €7,000 (£6,300) grant to be won in each category, except for the Young Reporters category which offers €3,000 (£2,700).

The president of the jury for the prizes is Mort Rosenblum, a veteran US war correspondent and author of several books.

BJR: Former staffer criticises BBC for treatment of injured war reporters

Michael Cole, a former BBC TV news reporter, criticises the BBC for its use of Frank Gardner as a frontline war correspondent in this piece, questioning the characteristics of war correspondents and the duty of care of employers. Gardner was left with injuries to his spinal cord after being shot by al-Qaeda gunmen in Saudi Arabia in 2004.

Says Cole:

The BBC has always been very leery about taking responsibility for people who are killed or injured on duty. There is a closing of ranks on the management floors whenever such things happen. After the expressions of official grief and a good turn-out of the top brass at the funeral, or a succession of hospital visits to the injured employee, it all comes down to pounds and pence: liability and how to avoid it. Sympathy and human regard for victims and their families is not followed by munificent  generosity. In terms of large sums of financial compensation, the BBC is deficient. The initial concern is swiftly stifled by the  obligation to safeguard the licence-payers’ cash.

Full article on the British Journalism Review at this link…

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Deadlines and frontlines: extracts from new book on journalism and the Afghanistan war

This week, Journalism.co.uk is publishing extracts from a new book about the media coverage of the Afghanistan war.

‘Afghanistan, War and the Media: Deadlines and Frontlines’ brings together the testimonies of frontline correspondents and detailed academic analysis, with a particular focus on the pros and cons of so-called ’embedded’ journalism.

Earlier today, we published an introduction to the book by journalism lecturer and co-editor John Mair, followed by a look at the dangers of ‘news management’ by Frontline Club founder and war correspondent Vaughan Smith.

Smith’s essay will be followed in the next three days by contributions from Channel 4 News presenter and war correspondent Alex Thomson, Sky News’ Asia correspondent Alex Crawford, and others.

All extracts published so far can be viewed at this link.

Editor&Publisher (AP): Joe the Plumber turns war correspondent?

AP reports that Joe the Plummer, the man from Ohio who became a ‘household name’ during the US presidential campaign, says he is heading to Israel as a war correspondent for the conservative Web site pjtv.com. Full story…