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Gorkana: Legal Technology Insider closes Twitter feed, owing to ‘high number of irrelevant tweets’

A snippet from today’s Gorkana newsletter:

“The specialist legal IT newsletter Legal Technology Insider and its companion blog, The Orange Rag, has closed its Twitter feed, owing to the fact that they were getting a high number of irrelevant tweets.”

Update: Charles Christian, the publication’s editor and publisher, writes on the Orange Rag:

“Twitter – we have pulled the plug on our Twitter feed because:

“(i) 99 per cent of the incoming tweets we were receiving were pointlessly banal beyond crass (probably the most dire, from an editor of a US magazine, was ‘airplane crashes make me feel sad, I feel sorry for the passengers’)

“(ii) [T]he technology was flakey with much of the functionality not working when required. As far as we can see, the only useful role for Twitter is as a multi-recipient SMS texting service. We’ll stick with the blog and email, life is too short to spend servicing yet another transient communications medium.”