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#FollowJourn: @toddnash/online journalist

#FollowJourn: Todd Nash

Who? Online journalist at the Guardian.

What? Joined the title as a community moderator for Guardian.co.uk after graduating from Birmingham’s City University.

Where? Check out his website for various online places you can find his work.

Contact? @toddnash.

Just as we like to supply you with fresh and innovative tips every day, we’re recommending journalists to follow online too. They might be from any sector of the industry: please send suggestions (you can nominate yourself) to judith or laura [at] journalism.co.uk; or to @journalismnews.

Photoshopped marathon pictures fool Sky News website

Journalism student Todd Nash’s new blog Journalism Today has flagged up some pictures from Sunday’s London Marathon sent to Sky News’ Your Photos section.

Only not every picture here tells the true story, rather the pics have been photoshopped and submitted by forum members of website Football365.com.

Some of the pictures are still available, including this appearance by the grim reaper:

Photo of London Marathon submitted by Daniel Carr to Sky News’ Your Photos

And another submitted by A. Lurker (clue: look closely at his vest):

Photo of London Marathon submitted by A. Lurker to Sky News’ Your Photos

The news site are likely to take the joke well: following an earthquake in the UK in February the site received so many spoof photos of quake damage, it created a separate archive for them.