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#FollowJourn: @marshall9093/copy editor

#FollowJourn: Mary J. Lewis

Who? Unemployed US print journalist and self-proclaimed news junky.

What? Copy editor with 18 years experience, including a stint at The Roanoke Times, and an interest in photography.

Where? @marshall9093 and on her blog

Contact? Use the email form on her blog.

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PoynterOnline: Everyday ethics for journalists using social media

As part of the ‘Virtual Poynter training’, Kelly McBride discussed social networks as a journalism tool with the journalists from the Roanoke Times. ‘In that short time, the staff at the paper produced the skeleton of a guideline for journalists everywhere,’ McBride reports. Here’s a look at what the group came up with. Full story…

Roanoke Times uses multimedia to mark Virginia Tech anniversary

The Roanoke Times has set up a multimedia blog as part of its coverage of the one-year anniversary of the Virginia Tech shootings.

The One Year Later site aims to ‘capture the sights, sounds and events… as captured over a 24-hour period’ and is using a combination of videos and text stories to create an emotive memorial.

A live story map plotting the Times’ coverage has also been produced, in addition to a map aggregating external news coverage of the anniversary.

The blog also links to a guestbook for readers and archived content from the paper on the shootings.