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The Onion: Kidnappers driving up newspaper sales

A little light relief for a Thursday – The Onion’s report on how kidnappers now account for 93 per cent of newspaper sales…

“According to a source who wished to remain anonymous, there is an ineffable quality to the printed page that kidnappers cannot get from its digital counterpart. Though there are other methods for proving the date of grainy, home-made videos, the source said that newspapers add a certain gravitas to abductions that news websites do not.”

According to the Onion, newspaper groups are now targetting kidnappers with their advertising, with recent spots including a popular ski-mask manufacturer and real estate ads for abandoned warehouses.

Full (fake) story at this link…

AdAge.com: ‘Digital bigger chunk of revenue than print’ for the Onion

“Digital is becoming a bigger chunk of our revenue than print. Print is still very strong for us. Digital, it’s not much more than half, but it’s more than half,” Onlon President-CEO, Steve Hannah, told Ad Age, in the last question of a Q&A this week.

Hannah also denied rumours that the Onion’s weekly print edition is to be shut down, although Ad Age reports that the Onlon’s San Francisco and Los Angeles print editions have been closed.

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