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Associated Press launches story and picture service for mobiles

The Associated Press (AP) is to launch a news and picture service for mobiles, as part of plans to help struggling newspapers.

The Mobile News Network, which is expected to start in the summer, will carry local news stories and images from participating newspapers and national news supplied by the AP.

Local advertising on the service will be sold by the newspapers in addition to national advertising from networks with an equal revenue share between news providers and ad sellers, a release from the AP said.

It is currently being tested by several newspaper companies including Hearst Corp. and McLatchy Co. and a similar product for video content is also being developed.

The agency also announced a reduction in fees in 2009, as part of widespread changes within the organisation’s price structure.

The AP had previously announced expected savings of £7 million if members implemented a digital tagging programme for news stories for search purposes.

The effect of a new pricing mechanism – in which breaking news content becomes the core product with extras added at a premium rate – is also likely to have an effect next year, with potential savings of $14 million for AP newspaper members.

In addition to the advertising revenue share plan on its mobile service, AP said it will also end fees for its graphics-based news service Money & Markets and provide unlimited access to archives for photo subscribers next year.

AP pushing 250 stories a week through its newly launched YouTube channel

The Associated Press is pushing up to 250 news videos through its YouTube channel every week, according to Beet.tv.

Though it launched little over a month ago the channel already has 1,671 videos, edited packages and raw footage of events, stored online for users to watch and drop into their own sites and blogs – although breaking news seems to be kept off the channel.

Kevin Roach, executive producer of AP Online Video, told Beet.tv: “Licensing content to these outlets is a way of protecting the value of AP’s news in an environment where it is easy for a user to post our content without permission or payment. Showcasing video clips on You Tube is in keeping with AP’s board-approved commercial strategy to protect our intellectual property and to help AP offset the costs of its global newsgathering operation. We’re monitoring our foray into social media closely.”


AP sues website it claims ripped off its stories

The Associated Press (AP), yesterday in New York, began legal action against All Headline News (AHN), a website it claimed was infringing its copyright by rewriting and publishing its copy.

The AP claims AHN Media copied its stories from news sites then resold to other news outlets, according to a report by the Canadian Press.

The lawsuit stated that AP ended its republishing deal with AHN in 2005, reportedly because AHN repeatedly used more content than two paragraphs of news stories it was permitted, the report added.

AP unveils tool to allow affiliates to upload news to its online video network

The Associated Press has launched a new tool for affiliate news sites to upload to its online video network and make money on their own content.

Featuring exclusive AP content, the AP’s Online Video Network serves some 1,900 newspaper, television and radio sites nationwide. AP affiliates can now control a “local” tab within their player and fill it with their own video using a web-based uploading tool developed by Microsoft.

Affiliates have the option of selling local advertising against the content they upload, or allowing Microsoft to oversee the process.

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