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NUJ Release: Suzanne Breen given ‘strong support’ by NUJ Exec Council

Release from the National Union of Journalists (NUJ):

“The National Union of Journalists’ National Executive Council has today passed a strong statement in support a journalist facing attempts by the police to seize her source material.

“At Belfast Crown Court today, Suzanne Breen, the Northern Ireland editor of the Dublin-based Sunday Tribune, challenged an attempt by the police to obtain a wide-ranging high court order that would require her to hand over source material relating to the Real IRA.”

Sunday Tribune: Paper defends editor’s right to keep confidentiality

Suzanne Breen, Sunday Tribune Northern editor, has been threatened with sanctions under the Terrorism Act 2000 if she does not hand over to the Northern Irish police (PSNI) notes, papers, photos and other material relating to an interview with a Real IRA army council representative.

“All the information with which she was provided – anonymously – by the Real IRA member she interviewed, was published in the Sunday Tribune. Nothing has been hidden, nor has any agenda been pursued. The Real IRA interview was a basic job of journalism and one Suzanne achieved, in the public interest, because her independence and ethics are unquestioned,” reads an op-ed in the Tribune.

“It is a cornerstone of journalism that sources be protected.”

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