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Author James Frey sums up his internship at Gawker.com

James Frey, author of a ‘Million Little Pieces’ and ‘Bright Shiny Morning,’ has finished his brief internship at Gawker.com: you can watch the last day part of the day video here, which mainly seems to consist of doughnut shots. The people ‘weren’t as awful’ as he thought they would be, he had a great time – especially doing errands – and he gave back change after doing the Starbucks run.

The comments below the video are worth a read: Journalism.co.uk agrees with @Pope John Peeps II that frothy thing Sheila calls coffee doesn’t look like one to us, and we like @bytememehard’s question: ‘will he [Frey] write a memoir about his experience’?

World Aids Day in multimedia form

Support World AIDS Day

World Aids Day, now in its 20th year, seems to be markedly more multimedia this year, although not much video about yet. Anyway, here’s a selection of content:

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An interactive map of openly HIV positive bloggers, and citizen media relating to World Aids Day, via GlobalVoices:

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Starbucks advert here (via TakePart.com):

and an advert from the Banyan Tree Project here: