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Storify adds slideshow view for blog posts, presentations and broadcasts

You can now view Storify stories as slideshows. The platform, which allows you to curate social media and web content, now lets you convert any Storify to a slideshow by simply adding “/slideshow” at the end of the URL of a Storify.

You can then embed the slideshow into a blog post or article. There are details of how to do that in this Storify blog post.

For example, Joseph Stashko has created this Storify on Steve Jobs’ stepping down as CEO of Apple. Here it is as a slideshow.

According to a post on Storify’s blog:

Slideshows were originally designed for TV, to make it easy to show a story on a monitor during a newscast or other show. But really, they could be used for anything – displays at live events such as conferences, or also for business and social media presentations created with Storify.

The full Storify blog post is at this link.

Poynter: Msnbc.com narrative slideshow garners 78m page views

After researching the strange story of a very wealthy, elderly American heiress,  veteran Msnbc.com investigative reporter Bill Dedman decided to experiment with the presentation of his article. Rather than turn in a few thousand words of copy as usual, Dedman put together almost 50 photographs in a slideshow and accompanied them with captions.

The result, The Clarks: an American story of wealth, scandal and mystery, is not groundbreaking in its approach to storytelling, but the response to the story is testament to the power of visual reportage.

Dedman reported that he received 500 emails from readers about the story, more than he’s received about any other in his career, and it has had around 78 million page views, more than any other story on Msnbc.com.

Poynter’s Steve Myers has an interview with Dedman on the story at this link…

Slideshow to launch Guardian’s Open Platform

From Matt McAlister, head of the Guardian Developer Network: slides shown at the launch event for Open Platform.

Journalism.co.uk’s report here, at this link.

Slides below: