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#followjourn: Sarah Ewing/freelance

#followjourn: Sarah Ewing

Who? Ewing is a freelance journalist based in Edinburgh

Where? She has her own blog, The Scribbler, where she posts up “new case study requests for features I’m working on and thoughts on current issues”. Her articles for various different publications are collected on her Journalisted page. Ewing works mostly for Mail Online and the Daily Telegraph, covering health, celebrity, relationships among other things. She has also contributed to the Times, and frequently run into trouble with her luggage while travelling.

Contact? @sarahewing

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Two new blogs for case study requests

Editorial training company the:101 has launched a new blog to help journalists find suitable case study candidates. Journos wanting to post on the Getting Ink Requests blog should email inklink@the101.com.

At the same time, journalist Sarah Ewing’s Journo Case Study Requests group on Facebook will feed into the Getting Ink site, as well as her own newly launched The Scribbler blog.