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Salford Star: Council newspaper costing £27,797 a month – what impact on local news?

Figures released by a Freedom of Information request made by the Salford Star suggest that Salford Council’s Life in Salford magazine is costing £27,797 per month, the title reports.

The Star asks what the production of the magazine and the council’s expenditure on it mean for local news outlets – the Salford Advertiser has recently withdrawn free home delivery from more postcode areas, while the Star “struggles to get back into print”:

While the Salford Star and the Salford Advertiser are only available free online, an estimated two thirds of Salford’s population do not have access to the internet.

The only free printed information people are now getting about their city comes courtesy of Salford City Council and its Life in Salford magazine. With no criticism of the Council, no debate, no accountability, low quality content and bucket loads of public money showered all over it…

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Independent.co.uk: Why the award-winning Salford Star went online-only

Ian Herbert takes a look at the plight of award-winning investigative magazine The Salford Star, which, because has gone online-only from this month because of operating costs.

The magazine has covered the ‘regeneration’ of Salford, scrutinising the deals done behind-the-scenes, and led coverage on the BBC’s relocation fo the north west.

But its investigative and critical work, for which it won best regional newspaper at last year’s Plain English Awards and a Paul Foot award nomination, have not made it immune to economic pressures and the rise of a local council ‘newspaper’.

“The problem is that if you are going to produce a proper community magazine you might have to bite the hand that feeds you. Because we are scrutinising and taking figures apart, advertisers don’t want to go near you,” says editor Stephen Kingston.

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