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Venturebeat: Twitter hires former Current TV man to forge media partnerships

Robin Sloan, a former executive with Current TV, is joining Twitter to help the microblogging service develop new media partnerships.

According to the VentureBeat report, Sloan will help “producers, reporters, developers and strategists at media orga¬≠nisations that want to do cool, transformative things with tweets”. Whether that’s for free or for a fee is yet to be announced…

Full story at this link…

Sloan has more on his appointment in this blog post.

Beet.TV: Why APIs are essential – CurrentTV’s Robin Sloan

Good explanation of APIs and how they can be used by third-party developers and as the foundations for media partnerships.

Trust your users and realise that they’re smarter than you think, adds CurrentTV’s Robin Sloan.

Full story at this link…