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Dow Jones: RBI buyer to be announced by October, says Reed Elsevier

A buyer for Reed Elsevier’s B2B publishing arm RBI is expected to be announced in October, a memo from Marianne van Leeuwen, the chief executive of Reed’s Dutch operations, has said.

RBI Divestment Watch blog closed?

A blog account of developments with Reed Elsevier‘s divestment (that’s sale to you and me) of Reed Business Information (RBI) has been shut down.

Started by an operation’s manager at Elsevier’s Total Jobs Group, Divestment Watch was started in March after the sale of RBI was announced in February.

The blog introduced itself as follows:

“What happens when your division is divested (sold)? What will it mean to me? What is the process? How can I prepare myself? That’s the topic of this blog, focussing on the Reed Elsevier sale of Reed Business.”

The most recent posting on the site is from Tuesday last week, but access to the site is now denied (though a cached version can still be seen).

A post on May 2 said the blog was attracting attention from the company:

“Rumour has it that RE and RBI board members have visited DivestmentWatch, and it has even come up during chats with the bankers (UBS) and the consultants (PWC) so it’s nice to know that there are some people interested and hopefully listening.

“DivestmentWatch has had 5000+ unique visitors so far, and averages about 150 to 200 a day, with a regular core readership of about 50-60 (thanks for your support!). I hope that it has helped you in some way.”

Can anyone shed light on why the blog has been removed?