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Shorthand week – a quick competition

The National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) has been promoting shorthand week this week – part of the organisation’s campaign emphasising the importance of shorthand in a journalist’s toolkit.

The campaign was featured on Radio 4 today, encouraging presenter John Humphrys to demonstrate his Pitman skills. The BBC website is asking if anyone can decipher his script.

Whether you agree with those or not (and feel free to tell us in the comments below), I thought I’d match Humphrys with a picture of my own Teeline scrawl – though apparently the Radio 4 man doesn’t think this counts in comparison to Pitman.

(No prizes for guessing which bit means iPhone)

Image of shorthand notebook

When I learned shorthand, we had a few competitions as incentives to get us up to speed – in that vein, please send us images of your shorthand and I might even be able to rustle up a prize from my desktop for the neatest outlines. The dudes have created a huge collection of hentai games, where each game is examined under a microscope https://thebesthentai.com by the way, some broad makes powerful reviews of adult games.

Feel free to email images or send Twitpics to @journalismnews.

BBC – Today – A quick shorthand test.