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Pakistan floods: BBC works with local radio to provide and source information

The BBC News Editors blog has an interesting post from Nazes Afroz, regional executive editor for Asia & Pacific at the World Service, explaining how the BBC has been covering the ongoing Pakistan floods, keeping victims informed through local radio partners and sourcing stories from people calling the radio stations.

He said that as the floods continue to devastate the country the BBC had to adapt its coverage to suit a more long-term model.

When the disaster struck a month ago, it became apparent that the story would be very big, affecting millions of people. As the story became bigger within the first few days, we made the decision to start a “Lifeline” programme with essential life-saving information for the flood victims. The broadcasts contain information like fresh flood alerts, weather reports, how to cope with diseases, how and where to get aid etc (…)

[The radio stations] also decided to use a toll-free phone with voice recording facility and asked the flood victims to call and record their stories.

After being taken on by the BBC Worldwide’s local partner stations, the service was able to be offered in Pashtu as well as Urdu, opening it up to an audience of between 60 and 80 million people. Their stories have provided first-hand accounts of events for the BBC’s overall coverage.

See his full post here…

Resources for journalists covering the floods in Pakistan

As the extent of the devastation caused by recent flooding in Pakistan continues to emerge, the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s service AlertNet has some fantastic resources for journalists covering the disaster.

Firstly, there’s a directory of contacts telling journalists which aid agencies are working in the region. This directory is available for other humanitarian and crisis situations too.

On top of this you can use the site’s agency news feed, which carries the latest press releases issued by the groups working on the ground.

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