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Ta-da! Insite goes live – a brand new online research website

Journalism.co.uk is happy to announce that Insite, a new blog designed to bring users tips on ‘slick research, advanced internet research strategies and news about the best tools’, is now live.

First up is an interview with the founder of the new UK-based search engine MSE360, which has attracted praise from both sides of the Atlantic with a three-tier display, clean design and other unique features such as virus alerts.

Insite is the handiwork of Journalism.co.uk’s consulting editor, Colin Meek.

Colin has been working on investigative and in-depth research projects for over 15 years as a journalist and policy analyst, and was founding editor of the online news channel on journalism.co.uk.

Over the last three years he has delivered courses in advanced internet and investigative research.

Since starting as a freelancer 10 years ago, Colin has worked for many clients including Which?, Health Which?, BMJ (British Medical Journal) Knowledge, The Times, the Canadian Medical Association Journal, journalism.co.uk, the Pharmaceutical Journal, the RSPGB and many others.

No Comment TV

Digital Spy reports that Euronews, a television news channel covering world news from a European perspective in seven languages, is launching its own online news channel on YouTube.

A quick glance on YouTube shows that EuroNews’ No Comment TV channel has existed on the site for some time (since April at least), but it’s still worth a look.

No Comment TV, an extension of an existing EuroNews strand, provides footage of news events without any commentary.

Takes a while to get used to and there is a danger of playing guess the story, but there’s also an immediacy to the clips that the edited bulletin format complete with news reporter can lack.

The clip of the recent riots in Burma illustrates this nicely.