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Twitter doesn’t work with short-term trials @Nickcurtis

“I can’t find any celebrities, or any breaking news, just endless prattle from people with too much time and too little imagination. After two hours, I log out, and I won’t be back.” The Evening Standard’s Nick Curtis describing his ‘trial’ of Twitter.

@paulcarr does a brilliant job over at Guardian.co.uk, complete with drunken Laguna Beach and toga-wearing anecdotes (not sure how he worked those in), so Journalism.co.uk won’t re-tell the whole story here.

In short: @nickcurtis, film critic at the Evening Standard tried out Twitter for all of two hours. Yes, two hours, before dismissing the whole entire thing. Nick, please listen to Paul. You need to try it out for a bit longer than that to see how it all works and bear with it. For a start, you might need to actually follow some people (at time of writing – followers: 0).

Journalism.co.uk and aficionado of Twitter (@journalismnews / @journalism_live / @lauraoliver / @jtownend) wonders if Curtis would review a film by just watching an equivalent fraction (about 1/8 of its trailer at most).

@Chrisgreen sums it up nicely: @nickcurtis – ‘Just read your article on Twitter. Your lack of research & sloppy conclusions are an embarrassment to journalism & the Standard’.

But then, it looks like Curtis won’t be logging back in to read the reactions.