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CounterValue: FT’s Newsroom 2009 and why CMS tech is holding publishers back

Great post from Telegraph assistant editor Justin Williams on changes to production under the Financial Times’ Newsroom 2009 project and the Tele’s own trials with new sub-editing processes.

But, says Williams:

“What has and continues to hold this up is the technology. Editorial CMS suppliers continue to market products that, although making the process of web publishing easier and faster, still rely upon the buyers maintaining large production departments to manage the print pages.”

Spelling, grammar, style checks, page construction and more should be automated, he argues.

Full post at this link…

FT’s Newsroom 2009 plans – outline and FAQ

An outline of the Financial Times’ ‘Newsroom 2009’ project has been leaked to document-sharing site Scribd by user Garciaripples (hat tip to @shanerichmond). Read the documents in full below or Journalism.co.uk’s digest of the plans:

An FAQ on the plans was also posted: