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lostremote: on linking to social media

Director of new product development at Cory Bergman has outlined the site’s latest use of social media in a post on which was put to use yesterday during the London student protest.

This includes not only curating updates from “observers at the scene” but encouraging other social media users who ‘spot’ an interesting photo, video, or Twitter posting to send a link to the related Tweet to the site.

Notice we’re not asking users to send us photos/video, but send us links to photos/video. So if someone you’re following on Twitter stumbled across a story, you could send us a link to her tweet. That’s a big philosophical shift for news organizations that historically want people who shot a photo to send it directly to them. But social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have become the standard ways that people share breaking news, and you can “spot” news without witnessing it yourself.

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Poynter: narrative slideshow garners 78m page views

After researching the strange story of a very wealthy, elderly American heiress,  veteran investigative reporter Bill Dedman decided to experiment with the presentation of his article. Rather than turn in a few thousand words of copy as usual, Dedman put together almost 50 photographs in a slideshow and accompanied them with captions.

The result, The Clarks: an American story of wealth, scandal and mystery, is not groundbreaking in its approach to storytelling, but the response to the story is testament to the power of visual reportage.

Dedman reported that he received 500 emails from readers about the story, more than he’s received about any other in his career, and it has had around 78 million page views, more than any other story on

Poynter’s Steve Myers has an interview with Dedman on the story at this link…

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MSNBC’s Charlie Tillinghast: ‘There are no TV journalists anymore. There are videojournalists’

HuffPost’s ‘Game Changers’ feature is selecting 100 ‘innovators, visionaries, and leaders’ who are ‘harnessing the power of new media to reshape their fields and change the world’.

One of its picks is Charlie Tillinghast, president and publisher of; HuffPo picked out this quote of his:

“There are no TV journalists anymore. There are videojournalists. When somebody from NBC News goes out in the field (…) they’re shooting a piece that will show up on ‘Nightly,’ on MSNBC cable, on, on a mobile device. The point is it’s all about video and all the places that people can watch video.”


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MSNBC on hyperlocal plans for interactive coverage of US election voting results

October 29th, 2008 | No Comments | Posted by in Multimedia has plans for interactive coverage of voting results on a hyperlocal level, Charlie Tillinghast, president and publisher told Beet TV in this interview.

  • Visitors to the site’s map will be able to click on states and counties to find results on national and local races.
  • will stream live events, on air coverage by the network and NBC affiliates.
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Media Week: gives ‘predator’ reporter his own website

September 19th, 2008 | No Comments | Posted by in Editors' pick have launched a website for their ‘predator’ reporter, Chris Hansen. The site features video and text coverage to go alongside investigative stories featured on his show, Dateline.

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