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CNN launches new iReport site

CNN this week unveiled its new iReport site which, according to a blog post about the changes, will offer greater personalisation, an enhanced community through “groups” and a “favourite button”.

iReport is CNN’s platform for user-generated content, where non-journalists submit video stories, the best of which are broadcast on the news channel.

The update comes five years after iReport was launched and, according to CNN’s post, now has a community of “nearly a million people”.

Last month at news:rewired – connected journalism, CNN digital producer Dominique van Heerden shared some interesting statistics on iReport, such as that CNN had published 912,000 iReports since its launch, with 15,000 iReports published on average every month and 2.4 million unique users in June 2011.

In an article on the new version iReport, lostremote’s Natan Edelsburg said the aim was “to create the largest ‘social network for news,’ according to Lila King, participation director at CNN”.

Read lostremote’s report here.

lostremote: msnbc.com on linking to social media

Director of new product development at msnbc.com Cory Bergman has outlined the site’s latest use of social media in a post on lostremote.com which was put to use yesterday during the London student protest.

This includes not only curating updates from “observers at the scene” but encouraging other social media users who ‘spot’ an interesting photo, video, or Twitter posting to send a link to the related Tweet to the site.

Notice we’re not asking users to send us photos/video, but send us links to photos/video. So if someone you’re following on Twitter stumbled across a story, you could send us a link to her tweet. That’s a big philosophical shift for news organizations that historically want people who shot a photo to send it directly to them. But social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have become the standard ways that people share breaking news, and you can “spot” news without witnessing it yourself.

LostRemote: ‘Five things newspaper employees can do to help save their company’

Earlier this week Lost Remote outlined five things it thinks newspaper employes could do to help save their company: cut back on travel expenses; stop meeting about everything; ‘figure out what you add’; stop ‘useless spending’ and ‘stop being so comfortable.

Full post at this link…