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NUJ members at Newsquest submit claim for 5 to 8% pay rise

National Union of Journalists (NUJ) members at Newsquest submitted this year’s pay claim yesterday and asked for a 5 to 8 per cent rise, according to the union.

The union is concerned that an ongoing pay freeze at the publisher combined with increases in the cost of living and new contracts offered by the group that rule out annual pay reviews will establish low pay as part of a journalist’s job, regardless of company profit levels.

The NUJ is also fighting Newsquest’s plans to close final salary pension schemes for staff.

Full statement on the NUJ website at this link…

E&P: Editors and directors take biggest cuts as wages across US newspapers fall

Wages in the US newspaper industry fell 1.42 per cent on average last year, according to new figures from the Inland Press Association, which surveyed more than 400 newspapers and their pay data.

Pay for entry-level and experienced reporters fell between one and two per cent, while editors’ salaries fell by 4.6 per cent. Creative directors working online faced the biggest decline at 7.4 per cent.

Full story on Editor&Publisher at this link…