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Beehive City: Alan Rusbridger vs John Witherow on BBC Radio 4

This afternoon tune into BBC Radio 4’s Media Show at 1.30 pm to hear Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger go head to head with John Witherow, editor of the Sunday Times.

In the meantime, Dan Sabbagh of the Beehive City blog has a preview from the pre-record, peppered with a little of his own (unverified) insider knowledge:

John Witherow said that the editorial budget of The Times and The Sunday Times is about £100 million, and it is this budget that is being cut by 10 per cent. (Those who have worked with the figures tell me that splits £60 million for The Times and £40 million for The Sunday Times, but I can’t verify that)

Alan Rusbridger said that The Guardian does about £40 million annually from its digital business, and the current growth rate in revenues is 100 per cent. (But I also know from separate conversations that of that £40 million, or rather £38 million, about £10 million comes from its dating and other non-Guardian newspaper websites).

Full post at this link…

[Press Gazette also has a report]

MediaGuardian: No integration for Times and Sunday Times, says John Witherow

The Times and the Sunday Times will remain ‘separate titles with separate staff’, says Sunday Times editor John Witherow.

Talks are ongoing, however, as to how the Sunday paper can be better represented on TimesOnline. At present the title drives a third of the site’s traffic.