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Editors’ Weblog: Details of Associated Press search landing pages

An interview with Associated Press VP Jim Kennedy which looks at AP’s recent plans for better protection of its content.

This post from the Editors’ Weblog picks out VP Jim Kennedy’s outline of new search landing pages, influenced by Wikipedia’s design, but not its method.

“There are two main aspects to the AP’s current new strategy. One is to start creating pages of aggregated content based around news stories and topics, which would allow readers to find the most authoritative local sources for the news they are searching for. The pages will contain some content and links to other stories from both the AP and its member newspapers, and although it will not actually be a ‘wiki,’ (a source of information that can be updated by users), Kennedy explained that Wikipedia’s design is a ‘rough model for it’, with pages driven by topics or keywords. Such a page will be a ‘map for the user to access other links’, commented Kennedy.”

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AP facing boycott, to set blogger guidelines

An online petition has been set-up urging bloggers to boycott the Associated Press (AP), after the agency filed takedown notices against Drudge Retort for use of its content on the site.

The campaign run by UnAssociatedPress has gained 75 signatures since it was set-up on Saturday and encourages bloggers to make use of other agency’s material.

Since issuing the takedown notices to the Drudge Retort, AP vice president Jim Kennedy has said the agency’s tactics have been heavy-handed and a more thoughtful approach would be considered going forward.

According to the New York Times, the agency is considering a set of guidelines for bloggers on how to use their content.

In a statement he stressed the importance of bloggers in ‘the news conversation of the day’, but said the agency is concerned by wholesale reproduction of its content, which goes beyond reference.