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Blog post = one line (13 words) gets 5 comments

I have my suspicions that the love of commenting on blogs is more ardently felt on the US side of the Atlantic than here in the UK.

I’m offering this little example up as evidence. A one line – 13 words – post on Lostremote that has so far led to five comments.

It’s not extraordinary, I happily admit that. But it is interesting that the few words: CNN’s Jeffery Toobin did a live shot from a Maui hotel via Skype have generated such interest.

I’m sure it’s probably not even the best example of brevity generating a response (if anyone can offer links to sharper examples, I’d be extremely grateful) what is interesting though is whether more of a story can be built from the comments to the one line post.

Cory Bergman, who posted the one line, seems to hope so. The fifth comment is from him in response to the other four asking for more information.