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New York Times: Behind the anonymous video nominated for a Polk Award

The New York Times speaks to the first uploaders of the video of the collapse and death of Neda Agha-Soltan after she was shot during anti-government protests in Iran.

The anonymously filmed and uploaded video last week won a George Polk journalism award – the first time in the awards’ history that a work produced anonymously has taken a prize.

This is a snapshot of how “viral” news can spread and, as Steve Grove, head of news and politics for YouTube, says, how readers and citizens are participating in documenting news events.

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Political blogger wins US journalism award

Joshua Micah Marshall, editor and publisher of US political blog Talking Points Memo, has received the George Polk Award for legal reporting and becomes the first blogger to do so.

Marshall won the award, which have been handed out by Long Island University since 1949, for his coverage of dismissals of United States attorneys, which were found to be politically motivated.