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BBC NEWS: Edinburgh Fringe organisers ask audience for Twitter reviews

Story from Friday, but it raises some interesting points as review writing meets microblogging.

Venue directors at this month’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival are asking audience members to tweet their thoughts on shows ‘to try to combat a cut in the number of reviewers’.

With instantaneous reviews available from audience members, how does a journalist reviewer set themselves apart? (Examples welcome of critics using Twitter well – already following @yasmin_sul and @flumcake)

There’s an opportunity here around aggregating reviews – already picked up on by two sites: EdTwinge and Festbuzz, which has received backing from Channel 4’s investment fund 4ip. Crowdsourced reviews, clever technology and no need for hashtags.

A quick scan of the local and specialist Fringe media and there’s no aggregation of Twitter/social media buzz – they’d do well to team up with EdTwinge or Festbuzz to offer a more rounded reviews section.

Full story at this link…