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How to embed tweets directly from the new Twitter

This is essential reading for anyone who embeds tweets into a news story or blog post.

Twitter now has an “embed this tweet” option on all tweets.

In the new Twitter, simply find the tweet you want to embed, click Twitter name (e.g. The Stream or The New York Times) on the individual tweet, then “details” and click “embed this tweet” and copy and paste the code.

This replaces the need to use Twitter’s (buggy) Blackbird Pie tool or a plugin such as Embedly.

Hat tip: 10,000 Words and Adam Tinworth on One Man and his Blog.

BBCInternetBlog: BBC begins to roll out embed function on news videos

For some videos, starting with those in the News Technology section, the BBC has started to roll out the ‘Embed’ function.

“When you roll over the Share button at the bottom of the embedded Flash player, you will now get an Embed option which allows you to take the embed code and embed the video on your site,” the BBC Internet Blog reports.

Full story at this link…