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StinkyJournalism.org: ‘Dubious Polling’ Awards 2010

US-based site StinkyJournalism.org has picked out its top ten ‘dubious polls’ for 2010. The winner…? Fox News Network for a poll that showed how 120 percent of the public were thinking – “and this did not include an additional 15 percent who weren’t thinking!”

Full post at this link…

Top 10 ‘Dubious Polling’ Awards mark ‘risible and outrageous pronouncements’

Today sees the results of the first annual top 10 ‘Dubious Polling’ Awards, from StinkyJournalism.org.

George F. Bishop and David W. Moore – bloggers, pollsters and political scientists – have announced their awards, which “are intended to mark for posterity some of the most risible and outrageous pronouncements by the major media polls during the previous year,” a blog post said.

The top award, “The Absolutely Most Preposterous, But Entertaining, Myth of the 2008 Election: Rudy Giuliani Was the Early Frontrunner for the Republican Presidential Nomination!” has joint winners…

Go to the post for the full list, for all the other categories, including awards for: ‘loopiest poll’, ‘shooting yourself in the foot’, ‘over-the-top gloating award’ and ‘180 degree’ award. And a few more.