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Murdoch’s media musings: the Fox News video

Rupert Murdoch, in response to Berlusconi, claims he has little editorial influence at his newspapers; talks about the Boston Globe; and gives his view that all newspapers could be delivered digitally in ten years time: see video below.

“What we call newspapers today, I call ‘news organisations’. Journalistic enterprises, if you will. They’re the source of news.”

FolioMediaPro: ‘Are magazines prepared for the digital era?’

A discussion started on May 18 is yielding some interesting responses. Bart Mariner kickstarted it with this:

“In the last months I’ve been attending several conventions. I don’t share some pessimistic views from tired publishers. My recent job experience has been with newspapers and many of them have reasons to be scared of since they provide information and it is seen nowadays as a commodity. But magazines are more than information. They are about experiences and they have been able to built communities around them that are the basis to built digital places. Do you agree?”

Full discussion at this link…