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Deutsche Welle: German news publishers file Google complaint

Germany’s newspaper and magazine publisher associations, the VDZ and BDZV, have filed a complaint with the country’s Federal Cartel Office against Google, Deutsche Welle reports.

Although details as to the exact nature of the complaint have not yet been released, the main concern is believed to revolve around “snippets” from media websites and news articles which show up in¬† search results on Google News.¬†Publishers say Google has not paid for the use of these articles, and that regulations must be tightened to protect the authors from plagiarism.

The associations also say the way search results are currently listed is unfair. In November, a BDZV official said his group wanted to know why some Google News results were ranked higher than others.

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Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum – how to follow the event

This week’s Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum (happening in Bonn from today till June 5) focuses on ‘conflict prevention in the multimedia age’.

Speakers including freelance journalists and representatives from Deutsche Welle and international media organisations will discuss the impact of new media on conflict reporting, the shift from traditional to multimedia coverage and the role of the media in peace and conflict reporting.

There’s a decent amount of coverage on the event’s own page – incorporating images from the event with a Flickr slideshow, a stream of Twitter updates and blog posts.

View the video message from conference host Erik Bettermann, director general of Deutsche Welle, below:

The event has its own Twitter channel (@DW_GMF updating in German) and you can follow delegates Guy Degen, broadcast journalist, Kevin Anderson, Guardian.co.uk blogs editor, and Yelena Jetpyspayeva, managing editor of Eurasia.net.

Alternatively take a look at the tweetstream for the hashtag #dwgmf at this link.