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Guardian: Lessons from our open news trial

It’s been a week since the Guardian began publishing it’s newslist online for all to see. The unorthodox experiment seems to be going from strength to strength, with the introduction of new sections and a calendar for upcoming news events.

Writing on the Guardian’s Inside blog today, national editor Dan Roberts says any advantage ceded to competitors, including the Independent’s Archie Bland, has been outweighed by a growing number of ideas and tips submitted by readers. Initial interest from other journalists has also reportedly given way to interest from the Guardian’s audience.

We had a surprising amount of interest from around the world, including this in Le Monde, and I gave interviews to a Canadian radio station and US technology website Mashable. But gradually, the interest from readers began to eclipse the interest from other journalists and a subtle shift began to take place in our newsroom priorities.

Read Dan Roberts’ full post here.

See the Guardian open newslist here.