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Allvoices.com offers $10,000 reward for citizen journalists

Citizen journalism website Allvoices.com has launched a cash reward programme for its contributors.

Under the Excellence in Citizen Media Incentive Program, cash incentives will be given out to contributors based on the number of page views that their work generates, an announcement by the site said.

A user will receive $1,000 for every 100,000 page views (up to one million) generated by their submissions, while one million page views will result in an award of $10,000.

Allvoices is encouraging users to promote their work through social bookmarking sites, such as Digg and Reddit, and by commenting on and contributing to other users’ portfolios on the site.

The program is open to work submitted between now and February 19.

Competition: win a reporting internship with OSOYOU.com

Fashion shopping and sharing website OSOYOU.com are offering an aspiring style writer the opportunity to report from the Clothes Show Live 2008.

The winner of this competition will also be offered an internship with the website, where they will helping to research and write style features.

Those wishing to enter should submit 50 words to enter@osoyou.com explaining why they are the right choice for the OSOYOU.com internship. Submission should include the authors name, age and telephone number.

The deadline for entries is September 10 2008