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The Apple Blog: Protect your laptop – disguise it as a newspaper

A review from last week of several laptop covers that disguise you device (in this case an Apple MacBook) as a newspaper.

There’s a choice of five different newspaper sleeves – from the Herald Tribune to La Vanguardia.

“Potential flaws in the strategy might be greater risk of misplacing the sleeve with MacBook in situ, or the more horrific possibility of an over-zealous cleaner-upper including the faux newspaper with a pile of real newspapers headed for recycling or the landfill,” writes reviewer Charles Moore.

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[Old media enveloping new media? The fate of the newspaper as an anti-theft device? There are almost too many allusions here…]

Currybet.net: On the media burying its own bad news

Martin Belam picks up on a blog post from No Rock And Roll Fun, which comments on the case of the BBC’s recent £45,000 payout in damages plus costs to the Muslim Council of Britain for comments made by a ‘panelist’ on Question Time.

The panelist was not named in the Telegraph’s report (nor the BBC’s) of the payout – despite being named elsewhere as the title’s ex-editor Charles Moore.

“With the impact of digital distribution, and the effect of the economic downturn, we have more than enough reasons to think that the news industry is dying. Treating our remaining paying customers like children who haven’t learnt to use Google yet makes us look like we have a collective death wish,” writes Belam.

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