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MediaPost: Las Vegas newspaper to reveal commenter identities

Background: Federal prosecutors in Las Vegas are seeking the identity of two anonymous commenters on a Las Vegas Review-Journal article about the tax evasion trial of local business owner Robert Kahre.

The prosecutors’ initial request was for the names, IP addresses, email addresses and other personal details of more than 100 commenters on the article.

The paper has agreed to hand over the information in response to the ‘whittled down’ request, but civil liberty groups argue that the prosecutors’ action could ‘chill political dissent’.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation argues that no right-thinking person would read the two comments in question and see them as a threat, ‘particularly considering the context, where hyperbolic political speech is to be expected’.

They are definitely not unequivocal and unconditional direct threats against anyone. At most, they are exaggerated expressions of the authors’ objections to the case, and are fully protected by the First Amendment,” said EFF attorney Kevin Bankston.

Context, subjectivity, freedom of speech – an interesting case in community management and reader interaction.

Full story at this link…

Short-skirted woman sues newspaper commenter

A woman, who was forced to leave a local shopping mall for wearing a short dress, is suing an anonymous online user for a post to a Kentucky newspaper’s forum.

The Associated Press (via Editor&Publisher) reports that 20 year old student Kymberly Clem says she was escorted by security from the Richmond Mall on August 9 after a row erupted over the length of her skirt.

Clem’s attorney says an anonymous posting on The Richmond Register claimed Clem had exposed herself to a woman and two children. Clem is suing the anonymous user for unspecified charges.

According to the AP, the newspaper has erased the comment and banned the user, known as ’12bme’, for violating the website’s terms of service.

The Register’s assistant editor Lorie Love, who is reponsible for posting comments made by users on the site, has been subpoenaed to give a deposition in connection with the suit.