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Adam Westbrook’s guides and an antidote to media navel-gazing

Two editor’s picks for the price of one here – as they go hand in hand.

Firstly Marcelo Ballve on True/Slant sums up the problems of media navel-gazing, suggesting that the industry’s ruminations on its own fate may be of less interest to the general public than we give them credit for:

“It’s always going to be the case that a profession will have its water cooler talk, and with the internet, much of it is going to be public. But there’s too much of it and too much of it is seeping into spaces where a reader or viewer might simply want to be informed or told a story,” he writes.

Elsewhere, in an unrelated blog post, Adam Westbrook announces his plans to publish practical guides for journalists on video, branding, storytelling, audio, business skills and ‘making things happen’.

The 6×6 guides will start from next Monday and are intended to encourage the industry to look forward.

“People don’t want to be reminded how bad the newspaper/journalism sector is right now; they don’t want to read more introductions to articles reeling off the various nails in the coffin,” says Westbrook.

Adam Westbrook: ‘The journalist of the future’

“There’s been enough talk about the cancer spreading through modern journalist,” writes Westbrook, who has instead decided to look ahead and consider the shape of the journalist of the future.

As starting points, he suggests the future journalist will incorporate skills if the following characters:

  • The jack of all trades
  • The web designer
  • The collaborator
  • The specialist
  • The flexible adapter
  • The entrepreneur
  • The storyteller

As Westbrook says in the post, this is by no means a definitive list – read on and leave him a comment with your thoughts.

Full post at this link…

#FollowJourn – @adamwestbrook/multimedia journalist

#FollowJourn: Adam Westbrook

Who? Multimedia journalist, blogger and filmmaker.

What? He currently works for Bauer Media as a broadcast journalist.

Where? @adamwestbrook or his excellent blog on broadcasting and journalism.

Contact? You can leave a comment for him on his blog at this link.

Just as we like to supply you with fresh and innovative tips every day, we’re recommending journalists to follow online too. They might be from any sector of the industry: please send suggestions (you can nominate yourself) to judith or laura at journalism.co.uk; or to @journalismnews.

Adam Westbrook: Shooting multimedia in Iraq – lessons learned

Managing the kit was one big probleim foor Adam Westbrook when he went to cover the First Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment in Baghdad for his radio station. “But juggling equipment isn’t the only problem for a multimedia shooter, I learned. The big challenge is juggling content,” Westbrook comments. His observations and tips for multimedia journalists in the field.

Full post at this link…