Journalisted Weekly: (More) phone hacking, the Eurozone Crisis and the Beckham baby

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for the week ending Sunday 17 July

  • The phone hacking scandal still dominates the news, but violence in Northern Ireland and the Eurozone Crisis also get a look-in
  • Harper Seven Beckham scores lots of coverage
  • The Libyan rebel TNC gaining official recognition and more Olympics ticket controversy covered little

Covered lots

  • The News International phone hacking scandal continues, with new resignations, new victims, and a shift of focus onto the Metropolitan Police Service, 1,310 articles
  • The Open, held at Royal St. George’s, Sandwich, Kent, won by Northern Irish golfer Darren Clarke, 357 articles
  • Eurozone countries undergo stress tests to see if they could withstand another financial crisis, 79 articles
  • New bouts of violence in Northern Ireland after Orange Order parades, 41 articles

Covered little

  • Theresa May announces that UK terror threat has been reduced to ‘substantial’, 12 articles
  • More Olympics tickets controversy, as around 700 people get charged twice for their tickets, 4 articles
  • The Libyan rebel Transitional National Council is officially recognised by world powers as the ‘legitimate governing authority’, 6 articles

Political ups and downs (top ten by number of articles)

Celebrity vs serious

  • New addition to the Beckham family Harper Seven, 81 articles vs. rush hour bombing in Mumbai, a terrorist attack killing 17 and injuring 131, 34 articles
  • The Apprentice final, which saw inventor Tom Pellereau win a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar, 45 articles vs. new European regulations on fishing quotas, 22 articles
  • Mr and Mrs. Weir of Ayrshire win £161m on the EuroMillions lottery, 49 articles vs. Pink Floyd guitarist’s son Charlie Gilmour gets 16 months in jail for his actions at the student protests, 32 articles

Arab spring (countries & current leaders)

Who wrote a lot about…’The Eurozone Crisis’

Nick Fletcher – 8 articles (The Guardian), Richard Milne – 7 articles (Financial Times), Hugo Duncan – 7 articles (Daily Mail), Peter Spiegal – 6 articles (Financial Times), Juliet Samuel – 5 articles (City AM), Peter Garnham – 5 articles (Financial Times), Julia Kollewe – 4 articles (The Guardian)

Long form journalism

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