Reported legal action against CNN for lack of captions on online news video

According to reports, including this one published on CNN Money, a disabilities rights group has filed legal action against CNN parent company Time Warner, for publishing news videos online without captions.

As CNN reports, a defeat “could have significant implications for every online video provider in California”.

The Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness (GLAD) as well as four individual plaintiffs allege that CNN violates California’s Civil Rights Act and the state’s Disabled Persons Act by serving videos without closed captions online. The plaintiffs are seeking class action status on behalf of all deaf and hard of hearing persons in California, and want to get the court to issue an injunction against Time Warner as well as force the company to pay statutory damages.

A CNN spokesman was quoted as saying that the company had not been served and declined to comment further.

Here is a link to what the CNN report claims to be the lawsuit.

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