Slate: ‘I would have loved to piss on your shoes’, and other parting shots

Slate’s Jack Shafer has rounded up some of journalism’s finest parting shots, the words journalists have found over the years to vent their frustrations with the “quacking mallards” in the editors’ and publishers’ offices.

They include the delightful:

“Don’t worry about me; I’ll land on my feet. I don’t regret coming here, even though I’ve been laid off now. In fact, my only regret is that you haven’t come to visit the Beacon Journal. I would have loved to piss on your shoes.” — Mark Schleub, in a letter to Knight Ridder CEO Tony Ridder, April 2001.

And the no-nonsense:

“It’s been a rough few years here, mainly because of the jackasses in Chicago who own us. To them I say, with as much gusto as I can muster in an email, fuck you.” —Dan Neil, upon leaving the Los Angeles Times for the Wall Street Journal, February 2010.

Full post on Slate at this link.

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