#media140: Full coverage from media140 2011

Last week I attended the media140 conference in Barcelona, which focused on the use of social technologies in journalism. The two-day event was filled with presentations, debates and demonstrations, and I’ve collected together my coverage from our blog and news pages below.


Al Jazeera’s early start reporting revolutions

Jay Rosen on a ‘golden age’ of press freedom

Amnesty International launches news service

Human story of Japanese earthquake lost in nuclear scaremongering

Big Society solution for supporting citizen journalism

On the blog

Pat Kane keynote speech: Back to basics for journalism industry

Carlos Alonso’s favourite tools to find stories behind the data

Get messy with mobile journalism says Adam Westbrook

Huff Po bloggers take legal action for back pay

Jay Rosen’s eight points of ‘the great horizontal’

El Pais writer Joseba Elola witnessing history with WikiLeaks

Choice of multiple business models as traditional press dies off

Top tips on managing your online identity


#jpod – Day one round-up with interviews

#jpod – Day two round-up with interviews

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