Journalisted Weekly: FA Cup, UK flu, and Australian floods

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Each week Journalisted produces a summary of the most covered news stories, most active journalists and those topics falling off the news agenda, using its database of UK journalists and news sources.

for the week ending Sunday 9 January

  • The third round of the FA Cup dominated the sports sections
  • Joanna Yeates’ murder, ‘flu fear, and Australian floods continue to dominate headlines
  • Iran’s nuclear tour invitation, and the return of a radical Shia cleric to Iraq, received little coverage

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Covered lots

  • The FA Cup third round, with Notts County beating Sunderland, and Manchester United defeating Liverpool, 417 articles
  • Joanna Yeates’ murder, amidst continuing speculation but with no further arrests, 126 articles
  • ‘Flu, with 50 UK deaths since October and warnings of a vaccine shortage, 106 articles
  • Ongoing floods in Queensland, and a White House commission concluding last year’s BP Gulf spill was ‘preventable’, 94 articles each

Covered little

Political ups and downs (top ten by number of articles)

Celebrity vs serious

  • Kate Middleton, who will be arriving by car not coach to the royal wedding, 89 articles vs. Sudan’s referendum, which began on Sunday and will determine whether southern Sudan should split from the north, 72 articles
  • EastEnders star Samantha Womack, leaving the show and currently involved in a controversial cot death storyline, 64 articles vs. revelations of teenage girls abused by sex grooming gangs in the UK, 40 articles
  • David and Victoria Beckham expecting their fourth child, 32 articles vs. the debate around reforming libel law, following Nick Clegg’s civil liberties speech last Friday, 30 articles

Who wrote a lot about…’Sudan’

Xan Rice – 6 articles (The Guardian), Tristan McConnell – 5 articles (The Times), Mike Pflanz – 5 articles (Telegraph), Katrina Manson – 4 articles (Financial Times)

Long form journalism

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