International deadline for Nieman Fellowships fast approaching

The world’s oldest journalism fellowships are open to entries and the deadline for international applicants is fast approaching. The Nieman Fellowships allow around two dozen journalists, usually half from the US and half from other countries around the world, to study at Harvard for a year in the field of their choice.

Some study classic journalism-influencing subjects like economics, history, or government; some dive deep into a particular topic area they’ve worked in before. Others want to study the kinds of Lab-like subjects that will influence journalism’s future: revenue models at Harvard Business School, digital media at the Berkman Center, nonprofit structures at the Hauser Center, online media law at Harvard Law School.

There are no age restrictions, but you need to have spent a minimum of five years as a working journalist before you can apply. Deadline is 15 December for non-US applicants.

Visit Nieman Journalism Lab at this link for more information.

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