Journalisted Weekly: Student protests, Korean clashes and lots of snow

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Student protests, Korean clashes, & lots of snow

For the week ending Sunday 28 November:

  • Snow coated the news as well as the country;
  • Students continued to occupy on-campus departments and the headlines;
  • A brewing North Korea and South Korea conflict drew attention away from a deadly stampede in Cambodia, strikes in Portugal, and violence in Rio.

Covered lots

  • Snow, with school, work and road closures as lots it began to cover lots of the UK, 229 articles;
  • More student protests, including school pupils marching on Whitehall, wrecking a police van and constrained by kettling, 187 articles;
  • North Korea and South Korea, with the North firing across the western sea border killing two civilians and two soldiers last week, 174 articles.

Covered little

Political ups and downs (top 10 by number of articles)

  • David Cameron: 565 articles (+1 per cent on previous week);
  • George Osborne: 231 articles (+11 per cent on previous week);
  • Nick Clegg: 199 articles (-23 per cent on previous week);
  • Ed Miliband: 183 articles (+30 per cent on previous week);
  • Gordon Brown: 147 articles (+19 per cent on previous week);
  • Michael Gove: 136 articles (+3 per cent on previous week);
  • Tony Blair: 125 articles (+24 per cent on previous week);
  • Vince Cable: 119 articles (-5 per cent on previous week);
  • Theresa May: 86 articles (+171 per cent on previous week).

Celebrity vs serious

Bishop Pete Broadbent‘s comment on Prince William’s marriage to Kate Middleton not lasting more than 7 years, 29 articles vs. Tory peer Howard Flight‘s comment on welfare changes encouraging poorer classes to breed, 33 articles.

Simon Cowell, X Factor judge, 94 articles vs. the trapped New Zealand miners, declared dead following another underground blast, 106 articles.

TV show ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’, 64 articles vs. violence in the favelas of Rio, as police and drug gangs clash killing more than 40 people, 43 articles.

Who wrote a lot about…’The Ashes’

Colin Bateman – 15 articles (the Express), Stephen Brenkley – 15 articles (the Independent), David Hopps – 14 articles (the Guardian), John Etheridge – 13 articles (the Sun), Lawrence Booth – 10 articles (Mail Online), Nick Hoult – 10 articles (the Telegraph), Derek Pringle – 9 articles (the Telegraph)

Long-form journalism

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