Daily Echo journalist defends Bournemouth Uni after Kelvin Mackenzie swipe

Bournemouth Daily Echo journalist Steven Smith has written in defence of the Bournemouth University’s journalism school, following criticism of the department by former Sun editor Kelvin Mackenzie.

According to the Echo, Mackenzie on Wednesday described the university’s journalism college as “hopeless” as part of his column for the paper on government plans to lift the cap on tuition fees. Unfortunately, the column doesn’t seem to be available online. It’s not the first time Mackenzie has taken a swipe at Bournemouth either.

Writes Smith:

You’ll be pleased to know that I’m a graduate of Bournemouth’s “hopeless” journalism school.

So are several of my colleagues, as well as former classmates who now work for the BBC, Sky, Bloomberg, countless national magazine titles, news websites, radio stations and, dare I say it, public relations firms.

In the fiercely competitive world of journalism – which has become even harder to get into in the five years since I started out – I guess we must have got something right.

Full post on the Bournemouth Echo at this link…

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