Eastern Daily Press providing content through Foursquare

Thanks to Stephen Keable from the Eastern Daily Press for alerting us to the title’s use of Foursquare after we reported on Metro’s deal with the location-based service.

The EDP already has a Foursquare presence. When users of the service check in to many locations around Norfolk, the EDP provides restaurant reviews, mobile downloads and information on where to buy a copy of the paper locally. It seems there’s only been a couple of check-ins so far, but as if Foursquare user numbers grow the title will already have itself represented on the network.

Let us know if your title is using Foursquare and how in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Eastern Daily Press providing content through Foursquare

  1. Laura Oliver Post author

    You’re quite right Steve, I don’t know this. This is anecdotal e.g. people I come into contact with who have started using the service rather than an official statistic. You’re right to point it out and I’ll amend the post accordingly.

  2. Steve Jackson

    Sorry, it’s just a Foursquare bugbear – I’m convinced that the “success” of Foursquare is 90% hype from Tech journalists whereas in reality it’s a red herring.

    I keep hearing it *will* be the next big thing but so far numbers are far from incredible. I’m sure they are growing but they could already be approaching their peak.

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