WSJ: Human rights groups join criticism of WikiLeaks

A coalition of human rights groups including Amnesty International have reportedly put pressure on WikiLeaks to “do a better job” of redacting the names of sources from military documents it has published, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

Amnesty International, Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict, Open Society Institute, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission and the Kabul office of International Crisis Group are all alleged to have emailed the whistleblowing website with their concerns over the safety of Afghan informers.

According to the report, Wikileaks director Julian Assange asked Amnesty if it would assist redacting the names of Afghan civilians, and threatened to issue a press release highlighting a refusal to do so.

The exchange follows reports last week that the Pentagon demanded WikiLeaks remove all the documents from public access online and desist from publishing any more material.

See the Wall Street Journal report here…

2 thoughts on “WSJ: Human rights groups join criticism of WikiLeaks

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    If these human rights groups had done their job right, this entire war would not have taken place and there would not be material to leak.

    If a state does not want REPORTS ON WHAT THEY DID published on Wikileaks, then it might be an idea NOT TO DO THIS in the first run.

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