Econsultancy: AOL on why journalism is technologically challenged

Interesting summary of AOL CEO Tim Armstrong’s comments at a recent industry event, at which the chief executive flagged the importance of human editing and journalists in using technology to give the content they produce scale.

Armstrong is betting that content will be the next huge development area online:

“The content space will be the epicenter of the internet.”

Part of the reason for that is how slow journalism has been to adapt to changing technologies. Even at the most basic level. For instance, journalists are often not included in corporate technology upgrades. Says Armstrong:

“Journalists I met were often the only people in the room who never had access to a lot of info, except what they already knew.”

That is a problem he wants to fix at AOL, by creating platforms and strategies for writers and editors that utilise the best the web has to offer.

Full story at this link…

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