Newsquest newshounds compete for paciest stories

A slow news day in Salisbury, evidently. We have a contender for the Westmorland Gazette’s office chair on fire story… (RIP, 2007) Nice to see Newsquest hacks rivalling each other for the most pacy story of the decade.

Expect the comments to come.  Among the observations so far, ‘vfredc’ says:

It’s outrageous that something like this is allowed to happen in this country.  I want this to be addressed in the next prime ministeral debates. Let’s see Nick Clegg talk himself out of this one.

One thought on “Newsquest newshounds compete for paciest stories

  1. Paul

    Don’t see the harm in either of these stories. They’re both good old digests/briefs. Ten years ago before the web, no-one would have battered an eyelid at “non-news” stories like this if in a digest column, which are instead becoming almost what’s on columns instead. Though I do want to know why the police are investigating the dog’s injury.

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