Huffington Post announces separate Twitter edition

The Huffington Post is launching a separate Twitter edition of its site, designed to blend news items from the main site with Twitter feeds selected by Huff Post editors. The new edition also features stories that are ‘hot on Twitter’.

All 19 Huff Post verticals now have a distinct Twitter version – see examples of the Media, Technology, and Politics sections at these links – and a Twitter edition homepage launches soon. Visitors to the site can follow links on each original section’s masthead to switch to its Twitter version.

Eric Hippeau, CEO of Huff Post, said:

By creating a Twitter edition of HuffPost, we’re seeking to give our engaged audience another exciting way to follow the news in real-time. Our goal is to build a destination for users to unlock all that’s happening on Twitter in the areas of most interest to them.

See the full Huff Post release at this link…

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