E&P: Haitian press ‘every bit as devastated as island itself’

In a special report to its biannual meeting, the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) has described the state of the Haitian media two months on from the country’s devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake. What remains of the industry has been severely damaged in its ability to bring in revenue, pay staff, and establish communication lines.

The earthquake damaged or destroyed many media office buildings as well as broadcasting equipment, printing presses and computers. And by shutting down so many businesses that bought advertisements, the quake undermined the financial foundations of the industry. Some airlines and wireless companies continue to advertise, and some aid organizations have bought public service announcements. But many other businesses that used to buy airtime or print space will take months or years to rebuild, and that could translate into a prolonged nosedive in ad revenue for the industry.

Editor & Publisher have the full report at this link…

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