Paywall and subscription models: a study of 30+ organisations

Alastair Bruce (@ajbruce), content manager for MSN UK, has studied over 30 organisations to produce this detailed presentation on pay wall and subscription models. He examines bundling, micropayments, metered systems, freemium and 100 per cent subscription models, across consumer/specialist titles and national/local newspapers. Who is doing what, and what comes next?

How publishers are charging for online content or consumption and implementing paywalls and subscription services

6 thoughts on “Paywall and subscription models: a study of 30+ organisations

  1. Crosbie Fitch

    Let’s list the business models:

    1) Selling content (copies)
    2) Selling access to content (paywalls)
    3) Selling licenses to content (Internet/ISP tax)
    4) Selling work/production of content (crowdfunding/patronage/subscription)
    5*) Accepting donations for free content (charity – *not a business model)

    The 4th business model isn’t mentioned in the above study, and yet it’s the most tried and tested business model ever invented, i.e. the free market exchange of labour for money.

    The problem is, it’s underneath everyone’s radar. Only a tiny minority (myself included) are actually exploring it, i.e. ways for a large readership to pay for a work to be produced and published.

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